GeoServe Almanac – February 2024 Edition


Dive into our beginner's guide for a smooth journey through the intricacies of international payments, covering trade transactions, payment systems, and essential tips for seamless cross-border funds.

Dispelling the myth that fuel is the sole culprit, this article highlights the nuanced challenges in maritime machinery, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive understanding.


Alok Srivastava

Managing Director, GET Marine Management India Pvt. Ltd.

With immense pleasure, we celebrate Alok Srivastava's appointment as the Managing Director of GET Marine Management India Pvt. Ltd.

This marks a new chapter for Alok Srivastava and for our organization, and we are eager to witness the positive impact he will have. Send your best wishes his way!

Shantanu Raje

General Manager - Emissions, GeoServe

We are thrilled to announce Shantanu Raje as the new General Manager of Emissions at GeoServe. His dedication to environmental sustainability is truly inspiring.

Join us in wishing Shantanu Raje success and fulfilment in this exciting new chapter!


Reflecting our dynamic presence and impactful operations in the maritime bunker sector.

*Data as of and up to 01st Feb 2024


Ports Covered


Verified Active Suppliers


Claims Handled


Fuel Traded

"The sea is a master storyteller, and every ship is a chapter in its endless narrative of adventure and discovery."

- Unknown

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