GeoServe Executes its First Delivery of Biofuel Blend

DUBAI, UAE – 4 September 2023: GeoServe is pleased to share news of its first delivery of Biofuel blended bunkers onboard the Scorpio MR Pool Vessel STI Larvotto. The vessel was supplied with B24 marine biofuel, a blend comprising 24% FAME of vegetable origin (used cooking oil) mixed with very low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO). This biofuel blend was delivered in Singapore on August 14th by a reputed oil major.

Amidst the numerous operational and technical measures being explored to reduce emissions, Biofuel blends are actively being considered a front runner and a key driver towards decarbonization on existing conventional vessels. One of the fundamental reasons for the attractiveness of biofuel blends as a decarbonization pathway for vessels is their ability to be used without modifications (i.e., drop-in capability).

With a minimum barrier to entry, Biofuel blends are expected to play an increasingly important role coinciding with the impact of EU ETS and CII in normal course of running of ships/vessel operations. Sourcing the biofuel blend will be the simpler aspect. However, ensuring a delicate balance between Fuel Quality and Emissions stands as a pivotal strategy that requires careful consideration when procuring such fuels.

Sanjay Kapoor, CEO at GeoServe, underscores the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction, stating, ‘At GeoServe, we consider it our duty to guide our customers in achieving their emissions strategy, not merely as a practice, but as a responsibility.’ He adds further, ‘Amidst all the discussions surrounding this, it’s imperative to grasp that emissions savings from Biofuel blends depend on multiple factors, including the source of sustainable materials, the blending proportion, and notably, the net calorific value of the fuel. We’ve observed that certain blend quality specifications could lead to increased consumption, effectively negating any envisioned emissions savings.’

After a comprehensive market and regulatory assessment, the GeoServe-supplied B24 blend was successfully utilized onboard STI Larvotto during its voyage from Singapore to New Zealand, resulting in a reduction of about 20% in CO2 emissions with no appreciable change in consumption. The B24 blend was certified as ISSC & RED II compliant, with an IMO Cf of < 2.6, thereby improving the Vessel CII AER value for the voyage.

With EU ETS taxation expected to be enforced from January 1st, 2024, and Fuel EU Maritime closely following, it is important for Maritime stakeholders to carefully consider the right biofuel specifications as an attractive option for both profit and the planet.

Established in 2019 and rooted in a profound shipping heritage, GeoServe is redefining the optimization of vessel operations within a commercial context for the maritime industry. Offering a diverse array of On-Demand voyage management solutions, including Vessel performance and Emissions management, Bunker procurement, laytime services and port disbursement management, GeoServe strives to unlock efficiency and maximize productivity for Vessel Owners, Operators and Charterers.

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