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With process re-engineering and RPA bots at the forefront, the future of maritime operations looks brighter than ever. Dive into our latest article to read more.


Introducing the launch of our GeoNext platform - an intuitive tailor-made application designed to make informed decisions

GeoNext offers next-generation, innovative and maritime-specific solutions in the field of information management, dashboarding, and much more.


 Navigating the complexities of commercial voyage management to achieve competitive advantage

We are proud to announce the release of our thought leadership report, "Charting a Profitable Course" in collaboration with Thetius. This report explores the challenges and opportunities in commercial voyage management. It highlights the

potential of an integrated approach to voyage management, from pre-fixture planning to post-voyage analysis, for driving profitability and operational efficiency. Explore this complex landscape, and learn how to navigate it effectively.


Veracity by DNV and GeoServe join hands to manage commercial and regulatory compliance for emissions.


Our team recently attended the Singapore Maritime Week 2024, engaging in insightful discussions and dialogues that highlighted key industry trends. A key highlight of the event was our team's stimulating conversation with the IMO Secretary - General about digitalization and decarbonization.

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