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A dedicated service arm of GeoServe, we are in business to help our clients achieve benchmarked cost efficiencies and provide them with comprehensive Voyage Management solutions and post fixtures laytime (demurrage) and claims solutions.

With more than a decade of experience in commercial operations, we provide On-demand Voyage Management Solutions that are critical to strengthen our clients’ core business. We strive to help our clients achieve operational excellence with a prime focus on enabling them to simplify and streamline their existing business processes, reduce operational overheads, and offer new opportunities for future growth!

Our expert team is determined to provide an end-to-end post fixture services that compliments the capabilities of your operations desk. Our experienced claims desk is adept in handling a myriad of simple and complicated multi charter and multi port voyages. We strive to cover the entire spectrum from collecting laytime documents, effective communication with the agent/master, prepare in filing and negotiation of claims, assist on recovery through to legal advice and reporting.

Our services include:

  • Expert feedback and consulting on Charterparty terms and clauses to reduce your voyage risk and exposure
  • Audit of laytime and demurrage claims
  • Monthly reports

What We Offer



With maritime experts
Adept in handling any operational challenge, our team is always alert and focused to identify and tackle evolving commercial issues. Being in the business for decades, we understand the nuances faced by commercial operators. Our ability to evaluate and operate with a 360-degree viewpoint gives us an edge!


With competitive advantage
We have the ability to think differently and not just as a vessel operator. Tailor-made voyage management solutions give our clients the assurance, and flexibility to maneuver commercial voyages through the most competitive landscapes with ease.


Optimum savings
Savings, through our distinctive capabilities, experience, and efficiency. Our team, processes, and access to economies of scale will help you optimize voyage operations. We strongly believe that time saved, is money saved!

What We Deliver

We offer comprehensive Pre/Post Voyage management solutions and specialize in integrating processes, technology, and resources. Consider us as your extended team, committed to deliver best in class commercial management services.


Post Fixture laytime (demurrage) and claims solutions

In a commercial voyage every minute and every dollar counts. At Geovoy, using our experience of working with global clients on all type of Charter Parties, our sole aim remains to manage any commercial claims on behalf of the owner for maximum defence or recovery.

Voyage Execution

A smooth, safe, and economic voyage is our top priority! We support the Master with necessary guidance to pursue the envisioned results of our clients. Maintaining a clear communication with all stakeholders assures that our collaboration remains strong and our clients experience a productive and rewarding business partnership!

CP Terms interpretation

Our comprehensive knowledge of CP terms and its relevant applicability ensures we have your exposure covered. Our commercial team is adept in CP Clauses interpretation having drafted and legally reviewed numerous CPs over the years.

Voyage Feasibility

We co-ordinate with your commercial team to determine the economic feasibility of the voyage basis vessel suitability, cargo care and readiness for the next voyage.


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