Veson Nautical and GeoServe Collaborate to Advance Port Disbursement Workflows

DUBAI, UAE AND BOSTON, MA – 2 AUGUST 2023 – Veson Nautical (Veson), the global market leader of maritime freight management solutions, today announced a collaboration with GeoServe, a company dedicated to simplifying voyage operations and streamlining post fixture activities.  GeoServe will join Veson’s growing Platform Partner Network, which establishes native integrations with strategic systems to enable data-driven connectivity, reduce manual processes, unlock powerful insights, and achieve true continuity. The integration will connect the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) and GeoConnect, GeoServe’s port disbursement accounting platform, to help streamline, optimize, and seamlessly manage port disbursement workflows and synchronize port cost data.

GeoConnect aims to revolutionize the perception of port disbursement handling by transforming this value-added service into an active contributor in reducing the bottom line. Annually managing over 6,500 port calls and processing over $300 million dollars in port payments, GeoConnect harnesses the power of experienced maritime professionals, time tested processes, and service innovation to help ship owners and operators achieve their port objectives with ease.

For mutual clients who opt in, this integration provides the ability to seamlessly leverage GeoConnect’s proprietary application capabilities to make data driven decisions that both improve vessel turnaround time at port and manage port cost data. Users can also send port DA requests from VIP to GeoConnect as well as nominate agents directly from VIP.

By incorporating port and disbursement information into broader operational workflows, the VIP – GeoConnect integration allows mutual clients to streamline engagements with local port agencies, driving time and cost savings.

Graham Piasecki, Director of Commercial Strategy, commented on the product partnership: “A crucial factor in the efficiency and profitability of a maritime organization’s voyage operations is the quality of their disbursement accounting processes. However, traditional paper-based disbursement accounting involves complex communications chains and requires a heavy amount of administrative work, leaving considerable room for error. Creating a smooth experience at port starts with streamlined access to vital port and disbursement information, which is where the VIP – GeoConnect integration can help.”

Sanjay Kapoor, CEO at GeoServe said: “Building an ecosystem of digital solutions in a dynamic maritime landscape is only possible through collaboration. GeoServe’s proprietary application capabilities, coupled with Veson’s industry-leading solutions, will empower mutual clients to digitalize their workflows, and make data-driven decisions for increased operational efficiency.

This partnership is a testament to our shared vision of innovation and excellence in the maritime industry. Together, we are helping our clients navigate port operations, leveraging the power of technology and experienced maritime professionals to achieve their port objectives with ease.

Learn more about our Platform Partnership here.

Veson Nautical delivers maritime freight management solutions that propel the global shipping economy. Trusted by buyers and sellers of bulk marine freight in every region of the world, Veson solutions are responsible for managing $109 billion in freight traded and moving 4.4 billion tons in annual trade each year.

With a suite of offerings in marine contract management, vessel document management, and data analytics, Veson’s products are widely recognized for their strong utility, sustained innovation, and measurable business impact.

Founded in 2019 and built on a rich shipping heritage, Geoserve is redefining how the maritime industry can optimise various functions of vessel operations when viewed through a commercial prism. With a diverse portfolio of on-demand voyage management solutions, including vessel performance, bunker procurement, laytime services, and port disbursement management, Geoserve aims to unlock efficiency and maximize productivity for Vessel Owners, Managers and Operators. 

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